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2011 Internet Survey on Life and Work


In the Survey on Life and Work: 2011 Internet Survey (LOSEF 2011), we simultaneously conducted three online surveys: (1) the first obtained accurate panel data from the Annual Pension Statements, which included individual pension-participation and wage histories; (2) the second was a retrospective panel survey based on these items (job changes, marriage, childbirth, living with or apart from parents, etc.); (3) the third survey covered many aspects of life and working conditions. More information on the survey outline, survey form, and data layout is provided below.

The following depositors submit the above individual data, which are made available free of charge to researchers, educators, and government officials.
Depositor: Project on Intergenerational Equity
Deposited survey name: Internet Survey on Life and Work: 2011 survey (THE 2011 LOSEF INTERNET SURVEY)
Survey report: an outline of the Survey on Life and Work: 2011 Internet Survey and subject characteristics (http://irdb.nii.ac.jp/en/01368/0004691725)
* Since we modified aspects of the layout when these data were presented to the public, we will provide data related to the survey layout above, not the layout of the survey report.


How to use individual data

· Flow of usage
The flow of the usage of LOSEF 2011 data is as follows. First, the applicant must submit a request.



Submission of the request form

If you wish to use individual data from LOSEF 2011, you have to check the outline and usage notes, and agree to observe the terms of use. Then, you have to fill in the necessary application form, and send it via e-mail to the following e-mail address

  1. Terms of use
    Terms of use
  2. Usage notes
    Usage notes
  3. Application form (documents to be submitted)
    • Document 1_Application Form.docx
    • Document 2_Research Plan.docx
    • Document 3_Representative Personnel Statement.docx
    • Document 4_Confidentiality.docx
    • Document 5_Letter of Recommendation.docx [If the applicant is a student, he or she must submit a letter of recommendation from his or her supervisor.]

Submit the application form to
 E-mail: losef @ ier.hit-u.ac.jp


・When the request has been accepted
If your request for data is accepted, following examination, please send the following two items by mail.

  • The written oath, signed by all users
    The written oath
  • A return envelope (put a stamp of the required postage on a 240 x 332 mm envelope; into this, place an A4 size document, CD, and CD case. Write the address and full name of the recipient.


    ・Publication of research results and report
    If you publish your research results, please fill out the form below and send it to us.


    ・Procedure for changing the request-form content
    Please submit the application form and any documents that have changed. If you add a user, please submit that user’s written oath.


    ・Other inquiries
    If you have any questions about these data, please contact us, using the following email address:
    losef @ ier.hit-u.ac.jp