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Books and Research Monographs

Takayama, N. ed.  Reforming Pensions for Civil and Military Servants December 2011
Takayama, N. ed.  Priority Challenges in Pension Administration January 2011
Takayama, N. & Werding, M. eds.  Fertility and Public Policy January 2011
Aoki, R.  Topics in Economics of Intellectual Property and Innovation February 2010
Holzmann, R., Robalino, D. & Takayama, N. eds.  Closing the Coverage Gap: Role of Social Pensions and Other Retirement Income Transfers June 2009
Gal, R.I., Iwasaki, I. & zeman, Z. eds.  Assessing Intergenerational Equity March 2008
Roemer, J. & Suzumura, K. eds.,  Intergenerational Equity and Sustainability November 2007