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June 6-7, 2011

International Conference on the Potential for Matching Defined Contribution(MDC)
Venue: The World Bank, Washington, DC 

March 2, 2011

Political Economy of Low Fertility and Aging
Venue: Hitotsubashi University Mercury Tower 7F Conference Room, Tokyo 

January 20-21, 2011

International Workshop on Civil Service and Military Pensions
Venue: HCC, Tokyo

January 20-22, 2010

International Seminar on Priorotiy Challenges in Pension Administration (Jointly organized by MHLW/ ISSA/ PIE) 
Venue: MITA Kaigisho, Tokyo 

January 19, 2010

Conference on Global Financial and Economic Crisis (Jointly organized by ADBI – MoF PRI – Hitotsubashi University, Center for Intergenerational Studies)
Venue: ADBI, Tokyo 

January 29-30, 2009

International Conference on Annuities Markets: Structure, Trends and Innovations
Venue: Hitotsubashi Collaboration Center, Tokyo

January 14-15, 2009

International Conference on the Policies and Regulations of Health and Long-Term Care Costs of the Elderly 
Venue: National Institute of Population and Social Security Research, Tokyo 

September 12, 13, 2008

International Conference: In Search of Sustainable Well-Being
Venue: Tokyo Station Conference, 5F Sapia Hall, Tokyo 

June 3, 2008

International Conference: Public Finance/ Social Security System and Intergenerational Issues in Depopulation Society
Venue: Asian Development Bank Institute, Tokyo 

February 20, 21 and 22, 2008

World Bank-MOF-Hitotsubashi Workshop on Closing the Coverage Gap: The Role of Social Pensions
Venue: MITA Kaigisho, Tokyo

February 1, 2, 2008

FERTILITY AND PUBLIC POLICY: How to Reverse the Trend of Declining Birth Rates
Venue: CESifo Conference Center, Munich