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Founded in April 2007, the Center for Intergenerational Studies (CIS) comprehensively and systemically addresses intergenerational issues and offers concrete policy proposals.

Intergenerational issues concerning pensions, health and long-term care, and elderly employment have become pressing problems for Japan and other countries. These problems present challenges that require the type of economic analysis on which CIS places the most emphasis.

CIS provides a setting for uninterrupted research, continuously hosting fixed-term academic staff from domestic and overseas partner institutions and sharing the financial burden of such research. Through partnerships that transcend national borders as well as demarcations between the public, private, and academic spheres, CIS seeks to conduct internationally leading research, directly connect research and the actual locus of policymaking, and puts forward original policy proposals that overcome compartmentalized approaches.

Through these activities, CIS aims to form and maintain a high-quality research hub of global standing in the study of intergenerational issues.