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The Center for Intergenerational Studies (CIS) is the third research center, founded in the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University. The budget of the CIS is mainly financed by the central government, Japan.

The CIS makes both theoretical and empirical analyses of intergenerational issues from an economic point of view. It addresses pension, health care and employment problems in the context of the population aging/decline. It clarifies current and future intergenerational situations of economic well-being, examines cohort-by-cohort motivations to mitigate intergenerational conflicts, deepens conceptual understanding of intergenerational equity, and provides a new analytical framework to overcome the dilemma between equity and efficiency of intertemporal resource allocation.

The CIS will continuously bring in researchers from cost-sharing partner institutions across the globe to conduct world top-class research beyond the boundaries of nations, public/private and academic sectors and will make direct and cutting-edge policy recommendations.